Frauberger and tiny thread

Two things!

Thing One: I made my first ever eBay purchase! I bought 4 boxes of tiny J&P coats thread. I’ve never been comfortable with tiny thread (I primarily work in Lizbeth size 20), but the quality of the J&P Coats is so good that I’m quickly improving- loosening my tension helps too, of course! No idea what size this thread is, but it definitely feels heftier than my lizbeth 80.

So much new thread!!!

Thing Two: Ever since I saw the Frauberger designs (1921) I have been in awe and in love! I found the book on Georgia Seitz’s list of Tatting Books in public domain. I finally decided to give the lovely Runder Stern (Round Star) on page 69 a try.

Thing one and two together: I’m using the new thread for the Frauberger. It’s a challenge to keep my stitches smooth and even on those chains! Great practice. Here’s my progress so far:

Starting round 3 of Tina Frauberger’s Runder Stern.

One issue I am finding with the thread is that once I get down to the last couple of yards on the shuttle, the thread is crimped from being wrapped around the shuttle post. You can see this in my picture. Anyone else experience this? Any suggestions of what to do?

One thought on “Frauberger and tiny thread

  1. The Frauberger books are amazing. I was lucky enough to have an original copy given to me by my wonderful partner years ago. Once you master the notation in them there are some really cool patterns. A lot that lend themselves to magic squares too.

    Keep up the fine thread. When you get the hang of it you will be reluctant to go back to 20!


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